Braille 101 in Casper

Better communication for the blind, Wyoming Independent Living staff on Wednesday taught a braille course.

Normally taught in the dark, students use different tools learning how to construct letters, words and numbers using the "peg slate"and the "brailer."

Instructors showed students how to construct each dot configuration that makes up different letters and words.

Encouraging students through one-on-one instruction, this hands-on allowed our blind community to learn the skills they need to live an independent life.

Staff said there are many tools and methods to help our blind community live an independent life.

Laurel Henry from Wyoming Independent Living said, “A lot of times people think they're too old to learn braille, or they don't need to learn braille but braille is important for anybody that is losing vision to maintain their independence and just to be able to do the things they want to do weather it is taking phone numbers addresses and any type of information or just reading for leisure."

Offering this class weekly allows growth in knowledge of braille as a language and allows students to build off the concepts they already know.