Boys and Girls Club Honors Board Members

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The Boys and Girls Club of Central Wyoming gets some national recognition.

News 13s Justin Roth spoke to one of the recipients and tells us what those awards mean.

The Boys and Girls Club of Central Wyoming has been serving children across the state for years, and their board members have been volunteering for years making it nationally recognized.

Ryan Scheel is the Director of Organizational Development for the Boys and Girls Club of America he says, "They are one of the premier organizations in the southwest region and nationally and I say that in terms of impact the number of kids their serving the number of kids that come through the door every single day."

Scheel says its the good people that make the boys and girls club of central Wyoming great.

"I'm definitely happy to have the opportunity to be here so it make it that much more special to me to be able to be a part of this team" says Andre Moyd has only been with the organization for about a month but he knows he's part of something special.

Moyd is a Resource Development Coordinator he adds, "The passion I see with everybody its clear that everyone loves what they are do and for me to be part of that I love what I do already it's special to me."

Its passion that has kept Matt Cassel on board for twenty five years. Something he doesn't take lightly

Matt Cassel is the President of Boys and Girls Club of Central Wyoming he says, "What it means is time flies but what it really means is there's a group of us that really care about kids and want to help them be the best they can be."

"The tenure of a board member or staff member makes all the difference in the world for a non profit organization like boys and girls club we know that board members who stay on a board for ten twenty five years that builds a strong organization" says Scheel.

And its those years of commitment that led to what Cassel says is the thing of which he's most proud

"We built a six million dollar building now serving ninety-two hundred kids a year throughout all of our branches."

Ninety-two hundred kids all thankful Matt Cassel is leading the charge

Cassel's achievements continue growing with the Boys and Girls club of Central Wyoming merging with the Big Horns, expanding their reach to both Buffalo and Kaycee.