Boulder Beware When Driving Wind River Canyon

Travelers going through the Wind River Canyon need to be extra careful of falling rocks this spring and summer.

Steady rain and snow have loosened the canyon rock walls leading to many rocks falling onto the road.

One of those rocks was a massive boulder which just barely missed doing extensive damage to the road itself.

WYDOT crews said until the rain lets up they can't start moving any of the boulders away from the road.

WYDOT spokesman Lyle Lamb told us, “Once the conditions improve, one they improve, the rocks so big, it’s going to take us awhile, we'll have to mobilize in our rock drill and it will probably take us a week or better just to drill it and shoot it because we have to shoot it in small pieces."

If you must stop in the canyon, Lamb asks you to not park near the canyon wall as there's no way of telling how big of a rock may fall.

He said some of the boulders they have witnessed falling are the biggest in years!

WYDOT crews will continue to monitor the canyon and remove all rocks on the road they see because a small rock in the middle of the road can cause a large wreck.