Booming, or Busting in Housing Market?

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Casper has had its booms and busts; however, residents and owners have found ways to adapt.

The housing market in particular by finding accommodations for their tenants.

"That's what we're seeing is landlords are being a little more willing to be flexible and lower prices for [their] unit,” says Joy Clark of community development.

Clark says some apartments are more willing to take pets as well.

With lowered rent, there's a better chance of securing a place to call home.

Shane Robinson of Blackmore Apartments says, "There's some really nice apartment complexes in town, but each of them has their own niche. There's a nice selection which is good for people," the assistant manager added.”

As a Casper native Shane knows that the faces throughout the city fluctuate, and rarely do you see the same one around for too long.
As people leave though, there are always new people coming in.

"We're starting to turn a corner,” Robinson stated.

Robinson says the nature of the city has been boom and bust.

As the economy fluctuates, so do the residents.