Body of Alcova Drowning Victim Recovered

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Divers working with the Natrona County Sheriff's Department recovered a body at the bottom of Alcova Lake around 10 Monday morning. Forty-one year old Jeremiah Douglas Bush went missing Sunday after he jumped from a boat and into the reservoir.

Witnesses said Bush never returned to the surface after diving into the water. Someone at the scene immediately called the sheriff's department. Despite a quick response from a dive team that was training nearby, Bush was not found until Monday morning. The search had to be called off overnight, but lighter winds allowed the searchers to deploy high resolution sonar Monday morning. That's when the recovery team located Bush's body.

“So we were able to run those patterns,” Emergency Management Coordinator Lieutenant Stewart Anderson explained. “We did locate an object on the bottom. We did have divers go to investigate that, and it did turn out—presumably it's the subject we've been looking for. We're not missing anybody else, but the Coroner's office will have to make that official identification. But we were able to recover an adult male off the bottom.”

The Coroner later confirmed it was Bush's body that was recovered. Members of the Natrona County Sheriff's Department are continuing to investigate the incident, and an autopsy is scheduled for the end of the week.

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Anderson wanted to remind the public that individuals should know their limits before heading out on the water. In all cases, he suggested wearing a life jacket.