Boat Safety during Holidays

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You may spend your Memorial Day traveling outdoors, but before hitting the water, News 13’s Bobby Poitevint reports Casper game wardens remind you to put safety first.

"We are prepared…life jackets, everything we need to stay safe. Safety first. Somebody gets hurt its no fun."

The Rooney family hits the water during their holiday weekend, and have prepared for outdoor activities.

Officials also share messages about safety before hitting the water.

"Life jacket for each person on board, fire extinguisher, type four throw-able things of that nature, and also it is very important to have a sober driver,” said Adam Parks, the West Casper Game Warden.

“Demonstrate on me the proper way to wear a life jacket."

(Parks) “Straight over your head, go around the back, clip it and pull it and make sure it is nice and tight. How does it feel?"

(Bobby) Feels good.

And life jackets are...

"Required by law, by the coast guard to wear a life jacket while the boat is under power."

But it's easily overlooked.

"Boaters and boat owners don't have their boats properly registered by law and also must have aquatic invasive species stickers and it’s important to also remember that any boater that enters the state of Wyoming must have their boat inspected upon entry."

Parks adds that others should remain responsible when consuming alcohol.

"You are allowed to consume alcohol on a boat. We just want to make sure know you must have a sober driver."

And game wardens will conduct safety check points during the holiday.

"Go ahead and throttle down and we'll come to you. We are gonna ask for a few pieces of safety equipment and then we'll get you on your way as soon as we can."

But most importantly, officials say watch your surroundings.

“Be mindful of those around them, keep good peripheral vision and watch out for the other guy"

And have a fun and safe weekend.

Parks adds two drownings occurred last year and he hopes it won't happen this holiday weekend.