Blue Ribbons Schools

POWELL Besty Devos recently named Powell’s Westside Elementary as one of three national Blue Ribbon schools in Wyoming.

The students, teachers, and parents celebrated Wednesday afternoon.

More than three hundred kids at Westside Elementary are designated superheros.

They wear their capes, and learn what it takes to achieve, and to be kind.

Another lesson they learn?

Achievement isn’t the only way to win.

“We here at Westside say it’s okay to fail, and make mistakes. We model that as adults..." Principal Angie Woyak explained. "and say that’s okay to children because we learn best when we struggle, and learn best from our mistakes.”

Student leaders have learned the lesson of tenacity.

“We just keep pushing through the hard times, and that’s really special about our school. Because that’s how we were able to get this blue ribbon award.” Said the School Body President, Dawson George.

Learning is important here, but so is a joyful love of learning.

Assistant Superintendent Jason Sleep explained the formula. “Teachers just talking to kids, explaining where we are headed as a district. and that we have a lot of pride, and that you can do anything you set your mind to.”

“There are characteristics of the best schools in the country. One of them is a laserlike focus on learning and high standards for every child. But, then there’s the intangibles like every student and every staff member has to feel special..." Superintendent Jay Curtis made it clear. "they have to feel valued, and they have to feel like they’re coming to a place every day where it’s safe for them to learn.”

The Blue Ribbon honor is bestowed on schools for academic achievement, and progress.

Sagebrush Elementary in Sheridan, and Snowy Range Academy in Laramie were also recognized as Blue Ribbon Schools.