Blizzard Conditions Affected Much of Wyoming

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CASPER, Wyo. Fire up the plows and strap in for one of winter's last and fiercest laughs of the season.

Despite preparations and prior knowledge, road crews still had a tough challenge to conquer.

"As soon as that snow started falling they were out pre-treating the roads, but it just came down you know a lot faster than they can keep up with and then when you add that wind and the drifting on there it's pretty hard to keep up with that and the folks are doing the best they can and another thing factored into this is lack of visibility and that prompted some closures too." Said Jeff Goetz of WYDOT.

Highways and interstates have been closed throughout most of the day and crews will certainly appreciate warmer weather in the coming days to help with an egregious amount of snow.

"It was kind of treacherous in some places. The wind slowed down a little bit, but the drifting has been going on all morning. Not only that but the roads are still pretty slick. More slushy in town, but the highways are still pretty slick and those drifts are starting to get big." Said Goetz.

The worst is likely done, but the clean up will continue well after.

Goetz also said to turn on your headlights so drivers can easily see you in these conditions.