Big Dawg Auto Burglary Just the Beginning for Car Thief

On October 1st Casper Police came to Big Dawg Auto for a burglary.

Officers on scene found a majority of cabinets in the kitchen had been opened and various items were stolen, including multiple temporary registration tags and keys to a silver Honda Civic.

On October 2nd, through the course of the investigation, Riverton Police saw the reported Honda Civic traveling in Riverton. Reports show the vehicle made multiple dangerous attempts to elude police.

The vehicle then continued onto Highway 20-26 out of Riverton where the pursuit was called off.

Reports show approximately ten minutes later Fremont County Sheriff Deputies were notified of a stolen Toyota Sequoia at a residence in Riverton.

At the residence, deputies found the first vehicle, the Honda Civic.

Wyoming Highway Patrol later located the stolen Toyota Sequoia traveling along Highway 20-26. WHP chased the vehicle, which eventually ended after spike strips were deployed.

The driver, identified as forty-one-year-old Ronald Creb III was treated for his injuries in the crash and then interviewed at the Casper Police Department.

Creb admitted he was driving the stolen Honda Civic, prior to stealing the Toyota. He stated he left his inmate clothing in the vehicle.

He was then arrested and charged with felony theft and burglary, as he was linked to the burglary at Big Dawg Auto.

Court records show there may be more charges added later. Creb was confirmed to be on parole for a previous burglary as well as a long criminal history, dating back to 1997.