Bidding Open for Old Town Shop Demolition

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Traveling down Wyoming Boulevard through Mills one particular building may stick out.

Mills council members hope to demolish the old pump house and clear out the invasive Russian olive trees.

"What we're doing now is we have an RFP out to demolish that building and to clean up the Russian olives and the trees along there to make it aesthetically look better,” mentioned Mayor Seth Coleman of Mills.

Town council members hope the area will become more inviting for the community, helping to enhance what the town offers.

"There’s a set of plans and specifications that are available through the town engineer and anybody that meets those requirements can turn in a proposal to demolish that building and clean up the trees along the river there," added Coleman.

Anyone interested in submitting a bid for this project, must submit in an envelop labeled "BID ENCLOSED SHOP EMO AND RUSSIAN OLIVE REMOVAL," and turn it in to officials at Mills town hall.
Bids will be accepted up to May first.

For more information on bidding, visit