'Belly Band' Meth Bust

On Friday Casper Police were called to Target for a man who had stolen a cell phone, according to reports.

Police say 26-year-old Gabriel Jaramillo-Huertas was located in the lingerie aisle talking on a cell phone.

Police spoke with Huertas and prevention loss officers, reports say Huertas threw the phone and ran from police after being confronted.

Reports continue, Huertas resisted police and was tackled in the parking lot.

During a search of Huertas, police found a 'belly belt' on him with a box of stolen underwear inside and a gallon sized bag with white crystals, identified by police as methamphetamine.

Police found close to sixteen grams of methamphetamine in the ‘belly band’.

Huertas was arrested and charged with possession, interference and shoplifting.