Be Sure To Properly Pack Gifts While Flying This Holiday Season

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CASPER, Wyo. When flying, all items must go through an x-ray and are subject to search.

"We recommend that you don't wrap your holiday gifts before you fly." Said Kelsey Vine, a TSA officer at the Casper International Airport.

If alarms sound, security needs to unwrap your gift for inspection.

Vine says TSA officers try to be careful and re-wrap it, but if the package arrives unwrapped, it makes their job easier.

"So some other options that you have would be to use a gift bag or a gift box that makes it really easy for us to search in the case of an alarm or you can mail them separately." Said Vine.

Bringing supplies to wrap gift afterward is allowed as long as materials fit in your luggage and scissors are less than four inches from the hinge.

When bringing gifts, passengers also must remember that all standard TSA rules still apply.

"Liquids like gels, creams, pastes, or aerosols like even jams or jellies should always be three point four ounces or less and they need to all fit into a one-quart size bag. Nothing sharp, no tools over seven inches, no knives nothing like that." Explained Vine.

Keeping these things in mind before heading to the airport will make going through security with gifts a little smoother, but to avoid the hassle completely, find an alternative to bringing gifts on a plane.