Don't Watch the Eclipse Phenomenon Along the Highway

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Wyoming officials fear high grass levels may be a fire hazard for drivers who pull off the road.

News 13's Raven Ford Wyoming Department of Transportation about their plan to prevent potential risks of fires.

Cody Beers WYDOT spokesman shared, “We’re out mowing the highways as part of our regular maintenance program but were also doing more mowing this year because of the expected visitors coming to the state. We had an extremely wet spring and so we had a lot of growth out there and then it got hot and dry like it does in Wyoming in the summer and so yeah we needed to get out there and mow it because people might be choosing to park in our right a ways and so the grass is extremely dry right now.”

Mowing down the grass as low as possible is the only thing they can do.
“People are going to make decisions in their cars this weekend that frankly we don’t have control over. ”

“Don’t leave your car running. You know enjoy the experience and you know we welcome you to Wyoming but please know that your actions could cause something bigger like a wild fire or a crash.”

“Be very cautious of fire. We are at this time of year in a state where all of our grasses are very cured. Sitting in your vehicle with your air conditioner on the catalyic converter can very well start a spot fire so were concerned about that.”

Officials are warning drivers to know their location at all times.

“Everyone be very cautious of where they are. Take the up most responsibility for their action and I think this is going to be a great day. Everyone’s going to have a blast.”

“We’re going to give them a garbage bag. We’re going to set them up with eclipse glasses if they need any; a couple bottles of water and then were just going to give advice. You know where you should be parking what should you be doing. Be patient. Know that were making history here this week and let’s make sure it’s filled with wonderful memories of Wyoming."

The Wyoming Department of Transportation still has more grounds to cover before the eclipse all to ensure the safety of visitors. Off road drivers should still take caution.

WYDOt officials will continue mowing down the grass through the weekend.