Be Careful When Walking your Dog on the Ice

CASPER, Wyo. "We see every year that there are people who have injuries because of their dogs or their pets at home." Said Michael Boulter, a North Platte Physical Therapy Board Certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist.

More older people are hurt walking the dog.

That's according to a new study released in the journal "JAMA surgery."

The study found the estimated number of fractures associated with walking leashed dogs grew 163 percent in people 65 and older.

"As we age our mind does not process things as quickly so our reflexes slow down and that's truly where the danger is." Said Kenyne Humphrey of Mountain Plaza Assisted Living.

"Oftentimes we see people come in who have fallen because the leash gets wrapped around their leg and then the dog takes off and it ends up tripping them or causing them to fall." Explained Boulter.

He says many factors play a role.

"We want to make sure that they have good shoes and that they have good traction."

Whether that be dirt, pavement, or snow.

"When you're out with your dog, it's winter it's cold it's windy and there's ice." Said Humphrey.

"We recommend that obviously if it's very icy we look for an alternative activity at that time." Said Boulter.

Another big reason for falls with animals.

"We're all encouraged to pick up after our animals and it's when we bend down to pick up after our animal and that's when we see those falls."

Training your dog could make the difference...

"Everybody knows that I'm a saint bernard fan and my parents actually have the most beautiful saint bernard but he's a tugger, and I think the dog is almost bigger than my parents are so if you don't train the dog properly I think that puts everybody at risk... Including the owner, people around them." Exp[lained Humphry.

Humphrey says having a dog that listens to commands and knows how to properly walk on a leash is key to keeping the dog under control, and you safe!