Battle of the Chiefs Heating Up in Converse County

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Two Wyoming police chiefs willing to help a good cause have taken on a challenge.

News 13's Heath Bradberg spoke to the chiefs and told us what that challenge entails and who it benefits in the end.

A wager, a promise and two communities ready to support their police.

Those are the basics of a simple bet, set between two police chiefs.

Douglas Chief Ron Casalenda challenged Glenrock Chief Tim Hurd to a fund raising competition, aimed at raising money for Special Olympics Wyoming.

"Low and behold, he had an 865 dollar head start on me, which, you know, in a friendly wager, this is war."

"I don't intend to let him beat me. Not on the first one anyways! Not on the inaugural. "

The prize they are competing for?

Their patrol car gets washed, by the losing chief.

"I said, okay, if you raise more money than me, I’ll come up and wash your police car. But understand that if I raise more money than you, you have to come down to Douglas and wash mine."

However, all proceeds go to Special Olympics Wyoming and both feel everyone wins supporting this cause.

Glenrock Chief Tim Hurd, “It's not about who washes who's patrol car.

It's about the best we can do for each of our communities and for this special charity, because it is a wonderful charity."

Citizens from both cities continue rallying behind their chief, each hoping to help their team win and take home bragging rights.

Fundraising will continue for both Douglas and Glenrock through April 26th.

Both chiefs are adamant they will not lose and hope to make this a yearly challenge.