Bars Prepare For New Years Eve

CASPER, Wyo. Many of us will head to bars and parties to ring in the new year.

Local bar and restaurant owners prepare for an increase in customers New Year's Eve.

Some say it is their busiest day all year, and an exciting one.

"Everybody likes to come out and celebrate. A lot of people are on vacation, they come back to Casper to see family." Said Jim Kanelos, the owner of the Office Bar and Grill. "And then they like to go out and see their friends and visit and catch up on things. So it's a wonderful time for all of us down here in downtown."

Bartenders who normally work New Year's Eve say they commonly see customers going from one bar to another, increasing the risk of being overserved- but steps are being taken.

"That's why we like to make sure our pour is right on and that way everybody enjoys themselves and we don't have to deal with anyone that belligerent and drunk." Said Shaliah Moore, a bartender at the Office Bar and Grill.

Their message to all of us is to have but be responsible.

Some bar owners will be offering vouchers for free Uber and Lyft rides for customers needing them.