Bad Fuel Leads to Thousands in Repair Cost

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It's something we do everyday, fill up our car's gas tanks. But what happens when fifty dollars turns into thousands?

News 13's Justin Roth spent the day in Douglas and now joins us live in studio.

News 13 spoke with a Douglas man who went to get diesel fuel, and instead got water.

The day started like any other, a couple service calls

Tyler Ullery saw he needed fuel so he went to the local Loaf 'N Jug, "I filled up my truck one more time and I drove it from loaf and jug to here which is like a two mile stretch if that. Parked it turned it off and when I went back out to start to warm it up and go back home it died and it wouldn't start.

Tyler is a mechanic so he did some digging to find out what the problem was.

"Found out that their was water in the fuel and it wiped out my whole fuel system from the tank forward.

Tyler has spent more than $2500 to fix his truck. The process is labor intensive. "Pulled my filter housings and I changed my fuel filters thinking that would fix the problem. Well as soon as I pulled my fuel filters I noticed that my fuel was milky white it was completely white it didn't even smell like diesel there wasn't diesel in it.

Tyler has replaced several parts and his truck is still not running.

He says he's not the only one who has received gas from this gas station behind me and had water in his fuel. In fact there's several others."

"I'm not the only one in Douglas who's had this problem. There's been 12 to maybe 16 other people that I know of that have had the same issue and I keep hearing more."

Now Tyler is hoping a regular trip to the gas station doesn't turn into having to buy a new truck...

Now strangely enough when News 13 was shooting this story a young women asked about the story. When she was informed she said she had the same problem.

Loaf 'N Jug has not responded to our request for an interview.