Back to School Sleeping Schedule

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"I’m counting down the days it's like the 'most wonderful time of year' song pops into my head and I think of 'yes!' my kids are going back to school!” Amy Pollard a parent said.
This is the thought many parents are having this time of year.
Pediatricians recommend starting your child on a sleeping schedule 10 days before school starts.
"Were getting right around that weeks’ time now so definitely starting to put your kids to bed earlier if you've been putting them to bed late and then trying to get them ready to wake up for school at 7:00 it's pretty early when the kids are getting used to getting up at 8:00 or 9:00 in the summer time", Dr. Melissa Knudson, a pediatrician said.
Some parents already have their children on a sleeping schedule.
"I tend to put my kids to bed at the same time during the summer and the winter months even if there's no school", Knudson said.
"We usually get them in the bath between 7-7:15, they get to relax till 8:00, and then we put them into bed after that", Pollard said.
"Kids like routine and they really do do well with schedules so getting them ready for bed they say usually about a half hour before they're ready to go to sleep", Knudson said.
Knudson recommends taking their electronics away 30 minutes before bed. You can also give them a snack, read to them, or give them a bath.
"Another sleep remedy doctors recommend for getting your child back on a normal sleeping schedule is melatonin, no more than 3mg for kids and not on a regular basis", Jackie Wetzler with News 13 said.
One last tip from a parent:
"Just want to wish the rest of the parents a good school year and let's make sure that our kids are safe out there", Pollard said.
If your kids do take melatonin and they experience vivid dreams Knudson says they are getting more REM sleep.
Knudson says younger kids in kindergarten and elementary should get at least 10 to 11 hours of sleep. Teenagers should get about 8 hours of sleep.