Back to Back Triple Crown Winners from Casper FFA Chapter

Casper FFA students again rocked the State Championship this year, securing the Triple Crown for the second straight year!

The first weekend in April the team secured the 2017 Chapter of the Year Award, the CDE Sweepstakes, and the LDE Sweepstakes!

Other winners and their places from the Casper Chapter included:

#1 Sheridan Stewart-Prepared Public Speaking.

#1Trey Campbell-Extemporaneous Public Speaking.

#1 Parliamentary Procedure Team (Timi Rynolds, Sheridan Stewart, Matthew Willadsen, Aletto Ziehl, Michael Nading, Laura Delano).

#1 Environmental and Natural Resources Team (Abbigail Faxon, Gillen Faxon, Benjamin Campbell, Michael Hollister).

#1 Poultry Evaluation Team ( Matthew Willadsen, Sheridan Stewart, Chris Brown, Ellory Gollumb).

#2 Ag. Sales Team (Benjamin Campbell, Michael Nading, Christin Greer, Ellary Gollumb).

#2 Farm Business Management Team (Payton Hallsted, Abbigail Faxon, Matthew Willadsen, Sarah Rhode).

#3 Marketing Plan Team (Kierstan Emery, Zoe Janikowski, Cameron McGee).

#6 Agricultural Issues Team (Ronni Owens, Tyler Moffat, Sean Waddy, Seth Willet, Leland Mooren).

#6 Meats Evaluation Team (Tori McMurray, Cameron McGee, Leland Mooren).

Science Fair Places:

#1 Aletta Ziehl
#1 Mathew Willadsen and Leland Mooren
#1 Ty Walker and Lexis Woodgeard
#1 Tori McMurry
#1 Abbigail Faxon and Payton Hallsted
#1 Nick Gutierrez
#1 Emily Richardson

Dairy Cow Production: #1 Dani Ray Pribble

Agriculture Services: #1 Ben Campbell

Congrats to Kelly Walsh FFA and the Windy City FFA Teams who also competed!