"Baby" Recovering

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It's been months since Ron Brehmer, his friends, and family came home to a scare they'll never forget.

"What we felt at the beginning was just more of a shock and awe. Everybody was really concerned that she actually wasn't going to make it,” said acquaintance Andre Ouellet.

Surviving the injuries was one step.

The next steps were three weeks of pain medication, antibiotics, and a feeding tube.

Rehabilitation has been tough by trying to incorporate exercises to open Baby’s jaw.

"I buy these fairly hard rubber squeakers, and she forces them into her mouth which kind of pops her mouth open,” said owner Ron Brehmer. “She'll squeak on them and then I pull them out so that she has to force them back in."

Brehmer isn't sure how far Baby’s recovery can go, but he sees she's still high spirited which seemed impossible at one point.

Those skeptical thoughts can be traced back to the first part of this story provided in the link.