Award Winning Author Lives in Casper

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Helen Davis has always known writing was in her future.

News 13's Justin Roth introduces us to this award winning author.

Do you have an interest for ancient cultures, if so Helen Davis would probably be a great person to speak with.

Her latest work a 'what if story' about ancient Egypt.

"If Cleopatra his wife not committed suicide as a result of his loss and how the history of Egypt, Rome, and therefore Europe the Middle East and even us today would have been if these events would have gone differently" says Davis.

This first book is a series of four after it all began as a novel.

"It began Evita death bed and i had written a similar story scene for Cleopatra. However i had writer and then i had the idea take the story the way what if she had won instead of lost"

Davis researched Cleopatra for over fifteen years in libraries and while traveling across the world.

Davis has wanted to become an author since she was a younger girl. So what is her message to young authors out there all across the country and the state.

"Don't give up and believe in yourself and don't be afraid to promote the work. I would say all it takes is one yes. Yes is answer no is how you get there."

Advise for anyone pursuing their dreams.