Avoiding Pirate Websites

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We all see those occasional pop-ups on our screen; telling us we won a prize, have a chance to receive money, or have tons of viruses on our device.

"When you download a file, you should never open it up right away,” explained James Fobar of Computer Professionals Unlimited. “The main thing is to always be sure you're running a good anti-virus to check for any potential infections or to check what you're getting yourself into."

Those more comfortable with technology are often better aware of scams. But some of those alarming messages that pop-up look too convincing for older generations.

Finding the right software to protect you from malware depends on how much you want guarded.

"Read the reviews; do your research, things like that.” started Fobar. “If you know what it is you're downloading and you're well versed in it, then usually you're ok. People get sent an email with a pdf and they just open it right up, and they wonder why their anti-virus didn't catch it. Problem is, when you open a pdf from email, it actually by-passes your anti-virus."

For those a little click happy, more ease of mind for that next download.