Aviation Museum Future Uncertain Due to Leasing and Insurance Demands

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Lots of history dating back to World War II can be found here at the Good Aviation & Veterans Museum.

But this all could go away if the museum's doors close shut.

"We've had an ongoing issue with insurance here at the hangar."

Museum owner, Ed Good struggles to make ends meet.

His insurance company, Wyoming Financial covered the museum underneath his dad's wings

"The policy lapsed after my dad passed away. All of the expenses at that point were being paid out of my dad's trust," said Ed Good, the museum owner.

At that time the rate was set at $1,100, but now it's different.

"The price went up sevenfold."

Up to almost $7,500…something Good says he can't afford.

And on top of that, Good has a Saturday deadline with airport management over an insurance policy certification.

The hangar where the museums sits is leased by airport staff.

"We're really struggling to provide the airport with the requirements they're giving us."

Airport Director Glenn Januska wasn't available for an on-camera interview.

But in a thread of Facebook comments, he says the deadline is from multiple requests for insurance certificates that were not provided.

Meanwhile, Good hopes he finds a solution so he can continue his dad's legacy.

"My dad has taken care of this building for 30 years."

And spread his (Good) wings further for the museum's future.