Available Camping Spots for Eclipse

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Eclipse tourists begin scrambling for available parking and camping areas across the county.

Campers they've been appearing the past few days. It's a sign that eclipse watchers have been slowly arriving in town.

These campers fill the west side Walmart parking lot.

Even Natrona County Park supervisors have been seeing the influx of visitors.

“It's starting to pick up now."

For Matt Buhler it has been a non-stop process.

"We've had a lot of calls here looking for camping spots so the interest is definitely out there for camping locations," said Matt Buhler, the Natrona County Parks supervisor.

Buhler adds spots are still available on a first come, first served basis.
Areas such as Tower Hill and Skunk Hall on Casper Mountain remain available. Alcova even has some spots left open.

"But on the mountain, the Bear Trap area, Deer Haven, those are reserved, so they're not available, and then Alcova, it's Black Beach and Okie Beach that are reserved."

But tourists like Jeffrey Sperry had no luck finding any available camping spots across town.

And he drove all the way from Virginia.

"Every place is so expensive. I'm probably going to stay right here as long as I can,” said Jeffrey Sperry.

"We expect tomorrow to be the beginning of the influx."

Places like the Central Wyoming Fairgrounds have already been booked. Staff will be conducting security checks, making sure no unreserved visitors park on their lot.

Apartment community managers have also been placing signs, as a reminder for visitors only tenants can park.