"Assembly Required" Projects Made Easy by Volunteers

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A Mills auto repair shop crew is helping busy families with their Christmas gift assembly requirements.

News 13's Bobby Poitevint shows us how they're giving back to others less than 48 hours before Christmas.

Chuck Morris and his staff at Chuck’s Auto Repair Services normally work on cars and trucks but over this past week he changed his routine.

Morris commented "we were offering services to assemble toys or grills or anything else that people have ordered for Christmas and didn't have the time or tools or knowledge to put together for themselves."

Morris says he and his wife wanted to give back to busy families and give them more free time with their kids.

"We were going through Wal-Mart and just all these people, you could hear them talking constantly 'we gotta get done here' and 'we gotta do this we gotta do that’ and 'we don't have enough time to get this stuff done.’ I’m thinking to myself you know I gotta little bit of time. I spend half my life here at the shop and I don't have to do this for my kids so I thought it would be something we could do for people” says Morris.

"Today's world has gotten so busy. It can be really really hard to do so. We have an opportunity here to be open all day and just take care of that for people (and) give them maybe a little bit more time to be with family. Be with their kids to have a little bit of down time together” says Morris’ wife Jacquie.

Stacy Simco even had her 4 year old daughter's magical carriage put together by Morris and his team.

It was all done in time for her daughter's birthday on Saturday and right before Christmas.

Simco says "my husband and I know that we shouldn't put things together. We shouldn't do house projects together. It’s just not what we're good at. So if we didn't have them to put it together it would have made today and the following days for Christmas horrible experience."

Simco says her daughter has wanted the carriage for over a year.

With help from Morris and his team they were able to make a dream come true.

If you missed Saturday’s assembly Morris will took emergency orders Christmas eve.