Army Recruit Staff Start Holiday Weekend with Laser Tag

Christmas is almost here and United States Army soldiers kick off this weekend with a little fun through laser tag.

Casper Army Recruiting Center soldiers were playing laser tag at the Eastridge mall.

I went to there to see how these soldiers are spending time with friends and family.

"It means the world to serve my country."

While soldiers are usually busy protecting our country, this weekend many of the soldiers and recruits got to come back home. What better way than to play some laser tag with friends and family!

"Get to see my family, instead of just talking to them on the phone. Get to hang out with friends like I am now."

"I'm just back home for Christmas, so it's nice to be able to come here and see the new recruits and and my recruiters."

Horrocks says it's a great team building exercise, plus its fun.

"The Army's a team, so it's a really fun thing to do as a team, and to build as a family, as a team before you even get to go to basics."

"Couple days after I get back, I get to come and play laser tag with everybody, so it's definitely a great way."

And MacMillan says skills learned in training, helped him in laser tag.

"I mean last game I had the most points on my team and the highest accuracy, so a little bit of basic training helped me out there."

And overall, MacMillan says being in the Army is honorable.

"To be able to fight for the freedoms I've been so grateful to have myself. Just to be able to stand up for them and help everyone else keep their freedoms as well."

The Army Recruiting staff play laser tag once a month. They say it's a great way for interacting before being sent off for training or deployment.