Are you Prepared to Live to 100?

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According to the human mortality database, most of us in our twenties and thirties will live to be one hundred years old.

News 13s Justin Roth shows us living that long isn't just about health, it's about finances.

People are living longer 100 years ago the average person died at age 56, now people could easily hit the century mark. This means saving is now more important than ever.

Thomas Brock is Financial Consultant and he says, "Unfortunately Americans are actually not prepared even for retirement."

Therefore, the fear of out-living your money is actually justified.

"If you plan on retiring at normal retirement age at 60 or 65 or 70 your talking about have to live for 40, 35, 40, 50 years of retirement and that's going to take a lot of money to accumulate" says Bob Thunselle a Financial Associate.

$50.00 away each month starting after high school can go a long way.

Living to be 100 years old may sound great, but what does that mean for you.. Medically.

CG: Wes Morris - Physician Assistant Certified*

"We have a lot of the abilities to be resilient and those things can be modified with good diet and exercise." says Wes Morris at Certified Physician Assistant at the Community Health Center in Casper.

25% of longevity is related to genetics, according to Danish Twin study. So how do we stay healthy longer?

"Staying away from the substances the alcohol the heavy tobacco all those types of things, and use our opportunities to exercise and eat right" Morris says.

Thunselle says many of us make the mistake of using our 401ks' during financially-troubled times, which is a big no no.

"Start accumulating as soon as you can and then continue and don't ever sell. Wait until retirement to use it that is just the biggest mistakes that are made.

But perhaps its down to a simple change in the way we think.

"The idea that people are 60 or 65 that actually there at some major milestone in their life for a lot of people i think that we should start to adjust to okay that's kind of later mid life. Old age is something probably more correctly designated for 75 or 80" Brock stated.

Today we know living to be 100 years old isn't just a fantasy so its up to us to prepare for it.