Are Casper Grocery Stores Prepared for a Long Lasting Blizzard

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CASPER, Wyo. Grant street grocery staff say Wednesday's storm wasn't too bad for business.

But, if it lasted longer they may have had some problems.

"Probably I would have been concerned about that but, you know, We're always thinking and have a plan b. I don't let hardly anything go to waste." Said Christie Malmberg of Grant Street Grocery general manager.

Her main concern is perishables, including fresh meat and fish.

"But as far as the prepared meals, or the dry goods, or the retail stock that we have in the front of the store, we can get that supply in that will last a couple of weeks or even a month out."

Though the storm made it hard for customers to drive here, It made it a hub for the store's neighbors.

"Yesterday for breakfast we had a great breakfast. The place was full for hours because just the folks in this neighborhood were here having breakfast and getting groceries and stocking up on some things for the next couple of days."

The store did close at 2 p-m Wednesday, Four hours early.

"An afternoon or a day or so of limited business is not going to hurt the product at all."

She says business is normal again.