Arapaho School Food Program Ensures Meals for Growing Minds

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A new Arapaho School program begins this year to make sure every student eats on weekends.

We looked at the reason this program feeds growing minds.

Many Arapaho School students get their only real meals during school.

Kenneth Crowson, Superintendent of School District #38 shared, “It’s something we have been concerned with for quite a while and it’s one of those needs that have to be met for our students to be able to learn.”

Connie Gay, Arapaho School Business Manager, “It’s making sure our kids get fed on the weekends a lot of our kids, or most of our kids, their last meal of the week is on Friday at lunch and their next meal is Monday at breakfast so this way we feel like we’re giving back to the community and allowing our kids to eat.”

Every Friday students take home more than 450 back packs; no one is left out.

“There’s no one labeled because of whatever their economic status may be at home, this is for all students, we want everyone to have something for the weekend.”

Even kids with food allergies get back-packs filled specifically to their needs.

“We purchased a few fluorescent orange back-packs to put specific food items that we’ve purchased for those students who have food allergies, just so again no student is left out in this process.”

Once a month, a Wyoming Food Bank shipment comes with enough food for every kid that month, the cost to make this happen is minimal too.

“We also have a grant from the first nations for, specifically for this program and this program is very, very cheap, we don’t have to pay a lot and we just want to say thank you to the Wyoming Food Bank.”

Crowson mentioned this entire program is only possible because one teacher saw a need and worked tirelessly to see it come to filled.

“Our coordinator for this program for totes for hope is Nina Brown and without that lady this would not be possible at all."

Every week’s menu is different for the kids so they don’t get tired of the same food items.

This week’s menu contains breakfast bars, a can of chili with crackers vanilla pudding cups and popcorn.