April Mobile Meth Lab Driver Charged

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A North Dakota woman this morning pleaded not guilty to two felonies and misdemeanors for operating a mobile meth lab in the back of her car in early April.

Court reports say Megan Schwabel was traveling along CY Avenue in Casper when she was stopped for speeding and police found Schwabel and her passenger, Jason Hays without proper insurance and registration.

Officers requested to search the car and found two dozen used syringes, a glass jar of white powdery substance, a bottle of liquid Drain-o, camping fluid as well as other items identified in manufacturing methamphetamine in the trunk of the car.

Wyoming DCI and an emergency response team were called in to dispose of the materials.

Schwabel was arrested and charged with un-lawful use of a clandestine lab, possession of meth and no registration or insurance.

Her passenger Hays is facing similar charges.

Schwabel is being held on an eighty thousand dollar bond awaiting trial.