Animal Advocates Voice Concern For Dogs' Living Conditions

Some animal advocates voice concerns for dogs living in poor conditions near Casper.

The Grant's House of Pits owner has 40 pit bulls living in trailers off Highway 20-26 west of town. Local residents say the dogs need better shelter, and a petition has been signed for their release. News 13's Tyler Waggenspack spoke with the facility's owner, as well as petitioners about the issue.

"No animal should have to live like this."

Chelsea Brannam is one asking for the pit bulls' release from Grant's House of Pits.

"It's truly heartbreaking to see the pictures knowing that these dogs live there. There's holes, there's broken out windows. There's boarded up windows."

And the Grant's House of Pits owner knows conditions aren't great, but believes it gives dogs something.

"Yes, it's not ideal. And we have said it's not ideal, but they're here, they're vetted, they're fed, they're warm, they have beds."

Grant houses 40 dogs in 22 trailers. Grant says taking care of these dogs isn't easy.

"It's not as easy as the general public thinks it is. They really need to educate themselves. I just don't adopt them out and not know anything about them after."

But Brannam believes it's still unhealthy for the dogs living out there.

"You know this is happening in our own backyard, and it's just, it's inexcusable. I truly, truly believe that these dogs deserve more."

Grant says it's tough to think of losing her dogs.

"It's breaking my heart that I am at a point where I have to transfer these dogs because like I said, I follow my dogs from beginning to the end."

The Metro Animal Services manager says she is aware of this case, but couldn't comment at this time.

Chelsea Brannam says nearly 2,700 signatures were signed on the petition. News 13 reached out to Natrona County Sheriff's Office about the dogs. They say they're aware, and it's under investigation.