Alert: Avoid Asphalt Scam Paving Its Way Through Wyo

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (KCWY) - Attorney General Peter Michael today issued a consumer alert warning Wyomingites about out-of-state driveway pavers who go door-to-door using misrepresentations to lure consumers into paying exorbitant sums for substandard paving work.

The scam has been reported statewide, most recently in Laramie

According to consumer reports, paving crews arrive at homes unannounced and offer paving services at a discount because they supposedly have material leftover from another job. The crews often give vague verbal estimates that fail to inform consumers of the actual costs. Crews also regularly promise that the work includes robust warranties.

When finished with jobs, the crews routinely demand payment in amounts that far exceed their original estimates.

The paved driveways exhibit signs of substandard workmanship shortly after installation, including: uneven surfaces, crooked edges, and thin spots that fail to withstand emerging vegetation or the weight of motor vehicles and pedestrians. When consumers call to take advantage of the promised warranties, these fly-by-night operations ignore the calls.

Consumers soon learn that the office addresses provided by the crews are actually UPS store, motels, or RV parks.

What to Look For
Of course, not all paving contractors are out to scam consumers. Many reputable and skilled paving contractors call Wyoming home.

Recognizing the warning signs will help consumers distinguish legitimate contractors from ill-intentioned ones.

Consumers should be wary of contractors who solicit door-to-door, claim they have leftover material, use high pressure sales tactics, extend “today only” offers, or fail to provide detailed written estimates.

Trustworthy paving contractors seldomly sell their services door-to-door, hardly ever have enough material left over to do another job, and almost always provide written estimates that remain valid for weeks or months.