Air Service a Top Priority for Wyoming Business Council

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Air service is an important economic tool for Wyoming communities, according to WYDOT Aeronautics Division members.

On Thursday they brought some ideas to the Wyoming Business Council to ask for a partnership in finding solutions to improve air service in the state.

At Caper College the state air service development team stressed the importance of taking a hard look at funding the small airports in the state.

Some of the challenges they mentioned included good pilots to fly Wyoming routes and airports moving to larger carriers and equipment.
Nineteen to fifty seats are viewed as the right number to support Wyoming communities’ air traffic, and aeronautics staff said these aircraft are being retired due to regulations, forcing Wyoming airports to move to larger aircraft.

They also said this is not just an issue in Wyoming, but is a problem nation-wide.

Wyoming Business Council Member Mike Wandler told News 13, “We've got a true billion dollar problem that is coming quickly. We have been talking about this for five years, it's here. We don't have time to wait and see and hope that it doesn't happen."

Sheri Taylor WYDOT Air Service Program Manager added, “We are talking about appropriately funding air service in order to avoid a one billion dollar problem should that air service go away."

She felt the board had a lot of great input and the two groups will continue to work together to keep Wyoming air service viable.