After the Snow Settles... the Road Work Begins

State, county and local officials are working hard to ensure roads are cleared of snow from the weekend storm.

Windrows could be seen all over Casper on Monday and plow drivers were able to remove the snow barriers with better weather on Tuesday.

Some concerning areas for many include slippery bridges and hills, testing our brakes and our ability to remain calm.

City Roads Supervisor Shad Rodgers shared, “We'll go pre-salt bridges to try to get ahead of that game because those are always the first to ice over, but for the most part, those are the only things we'll go out and pre-salt."

Sunday rain showers followed by cooler temperatures left a layer of ice on roadways before the snow fell, creating slick and dangerous roads for travelers.

Plow drivers did their best to keep roads drivable by adding a mixture of sand and salt to main roads helping to melt ice.

"It's definitely a challenge when we got a big storm coming, and the winds' also blowing. We just advise citizens to be safe and take their time, and we'll get them cleared off as fast as we can."

Another factor adding to the sudden change in road conditions, the lack of frost, which keeps the ground warm enough to melt snow and turn to ice.

A final concern is driving at night, due to hidden black ice on the roadway.