A Winter Coat, A Wyoming Necessity

On cold days, without thought, we throw on a jacket and head for the door.

But some aren't as fortunate.

A quality winter coat is a necessity in Wyoming where temperatures fall below zero and the winds gust up to 100 miles per hour.

"Every year there’s lots of people that are in Casper that are in need of coats, whether they're children to adults," said Rose Mertz, Salvation Army Director of Social Services and Programs in Casper.

Yet, for some, a warm winter coat is a budget extra.

"So for kids to go to school, for elderly people to be out, it's just something they might not have the extra money."

Especially when some coats sell for hundreds of dollars, finding budget friendly options can be hard.

"Salvation army staff and Casper Kiwanis club members have teamed up, making the challenge of finding a quality coat a little easier, through their coat drive in Casper."

While the coat room looks well stocked...

"We have coats for all sizes, all ages. But we do need more because the need is great."

Mertz says there is a high demand for larger sizes, like 3-x and 4-x.

"we would just like to make sure that everyone is Casper has a coat and gloves and, you know, boots and hat and all those things that we kind of take for granted sometimes until you walk out on a cold morning and you don't have them."

Every other Saturday in October through to December, Kiwanis club members will distribute free coats for those in need at the Salvation Army hope center in Casper from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Socks, gloves, scarves and boots are also welcomed as donations for the coat drive.

If you are interested in donating winter items, donations will be accepted through November 30th at the following drop off locations: All NCSD Schools, NCSD Central Services, First Interstate Bank, Platte Valley Bank, Hilltop National Bank – Country Club, Mountain Plaza and Downtown Locations, WYHY FCU, HE Stuckenhoff Building at Casper College.