A Weekend Full of Drama for Wyoming Students

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More than seven hundred Wyoming students were center stage for the state drama festival this weekend.

It was a jammed packed event held at Casper College’s Kramphert Theater.

Buses filled the parking lot, but not for basketball or volleyball, but for the theater.

Twenty-seven Wyoming schools staffers brought their talented theater students to the stage.

The Hot Springs group performed ‘Flowers for Algernon’.

Hot Springs High School Sophomore Tyler Kay shared, “It's a good time, you get to be someone else for thirty minutes to an hour, and it’s just a goodtime. Do you still get nervous on stage? Every time, I don't think there is a time that I go on stage that I am not nervous."

President of the Wyoming Educators of Secondary Theater Mary McGillivray commented, “It's an amazing experience for all of them and they get to meet each other and kind of grow as a theater family as a state."

Kay also visited a local elementary school to watch second graders get into the role of Charlie Gordon from the performance.