A Tradition of Jazz Continues in Casper

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It's a tradition older than the kids performing, the Kinser Jazz Festival at Casper College.

News 13's Jacquie Palizzi shared the festival's history and its impact on the state.

Joshua Mietz at the festival commented, “It is, it's exciting. It's been a part of the Wyoming culture for half a century and we are very proud to be a part of that."

Named after its founder, Doctor Thomas Kinser, the festival started in 1967 with three ensembles and has grown into today’s three day festival.

“Between the concert we will have Tuesday night and all the bands coming to play, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday we will probably have close to three thousand to thirty-five hundred students."

Both jazz bands and choir groups got the opportunity to perform their best sets in front of adjudicators who gave feedback to the groups.

Sheridan Junior High School Music Teacher Tony Sawyer shared, "I enjoy bringing my students here because they get adjudicated at a very professional, helpful level where they learn to be better musicians."

The festival promotes jazz across the state while giving music students an educational experience.

One student, Katie Turpin from Sheridan Junior High shared, “It's really fun. I would wish everyone would come, so they could see the different types of jazzes and if they would like to do it in the future."

This year’s event featured a special band, “This year we are featuring the All State Wyoming Jazz Band. So this is the best and brightest jazz minds of the high school age coming to play."

They will open for Joel Frahm and the Ben Markley Big Band tonight, which is an experience of a lifetime for students.

The experience allows music students growth in something they love.

The festival, hosted by Casper College runs through Wednesday with different opportunities to see various groups perform.