A Special Guest Joined Lander Students During Fire Prevention Week

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Firefighters visited rounds of Fremont County schools for this years' fire prevention week.

We spoke with firefighters about the importance of children learning how to stop fires before they start.

Lander Firefighters started at Garnett Elementary and hey brought a special guest along to help teach kids about fire safety," It's something we look forward to every year."

Smokey the Bear made an appearance along with local firefighters.

Ashley Sawtelle, Lander Firefighter shared, "I love coming out here volunteering to speak with the kids this is probably the highlight of the year is being able to do the fire prevention with the children in the area, getting to know them and seeing how excited they get."

Eric Levy from the department also shared, “All the kids are really enthusiastic, they like seeing firefighters and yeah it's a good energy it's fun."

Firefighters shared some fire safety practices; including staying away from matches, staying low from smoke during a fire and having an escape plan.

"From the BLM mostly wild and fire so our take was campfire prevention making sure the kids put out the campfire when they're done with it."

Levy added most wildfires are human-caused and these school tours educate younger kids about fire prevention methods.

"I think it's very important to help them become very aware for their own safety and also I found that when they bring that information to the kids they also bring that back to the adults in the community as well."

For kids unable to see firefighters, there's still a chance to see the local heroes.

"They can come out to any open house that's being had at any area they live, meet their firefighters and talk to people about fire safety instead of just give me something or just be safe."

Lander Fire Department operators will host the fire prevention open house today at the Lander Station.

Everyone is invited to learn more about decreasing risk of fires.

Live fire demonstrations and guest appearances will happen from 6-8 pm.