A Rising Industry for Wyoming

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The gas and oil industries are the main economic drives for Wyoming, but another industry makes the state unique.

"We know that tourism creates jobs, earnings, economic impact in our area,” started Brook Kreder, CEO of Visit Casper. “And I feel like one of our opportunities is to get a lot more aggressive on the sales side."

On average, tourism brings in about thirty thousand dollars per hour in Natrona County. In the year 2016, visitor spending’s generated 263 million dollars.

"So in these preliminary first two to three weeks, right now I'm visiting all the hotels; basically figuring out the assets we have here in Casper,” mentioned Ryan Hauck, the new Director of Sales and Corporate Partnerships. “Help promote it and help have spots for meetings and conventions."

Hauck’s main focus is on the hospitality industry and working to bring in more international tour buses, creating more revenue in that area.

"We want to make Casper more of a tourist spot, or at least in the loop of tourism as visitors are making their way through Wyoming and visiting the West."

The tourism industry also increases the job support for local businesses, supporting twenty-five-hundred jobs in 2016 alone.

"We're not beaches and we're not Disney World, so what does that mean,” Kreder asked. “And for our sake, Casper is really uniquely positioned because we are kind of a mecca or hub for business meetings. We've got a great retail and medical space."

And with more visitors coming to our area, households in the state will see more tax burden relief.

Tourism revenue is expected to continuously increase each year for the Natrona County, but this year's income from visitor spending even from the eclipse event, is an abnormal spike in projections.