A New Police Station Maybe on the Horizon for the Chief and City Leaders

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A new Casper Police station is still a goal of both city leaders' and the chief.

The reason: they say the old station in the Hall of Justice is outdated.

Standing tall, the Hall of Justice houses many departments throughout
its five floors.

But both city leaders and the Casper Police chief say it's time for a new police station.

"The building quite frankly is just outdated."

The chief says they've out grown the Hall of Justice space, and it makes
it hard to keep up with growing demand.

"It's almost impossible for us to meet the technological needs that are part of law enforcement," said Casper Police Chief Keith McPheeters.
Council members plan spending nearly $7 million for the project.

Those costs to be covered by the one-cent sales tax.

The chief says there are several obstacles in their current station.

"Our evidence holdings here are horribly outdated."

"Our fleet arrangements and how we deal with the coming and going of our officers."

He even says there isn't enough parking for visitors to come and go easily when working with officers.

McPheeters hopes the new station will serve a better purpose.

"One of the areas that we're looking at will be someplace centrally located that has adequate parking and easy access for the public to come and interact with their police officers."

Meanwhile, one councilman even says the Hall of Justice isn't fit for the Casper Police Department.

"The building they're in was never designed as a police station. It was a hall of justice center for the courts and there was a jail in there on one floor," said Councilman Dallas Laird.

The city manager is set to release the RFP or Requests for Proposal .

That means architects can start submitting their ideas for this building.

There was discussion of combining the new police station with the fire department in one central location, but city leaders say that remains on the back burner.