A Moment Frozen in Time; NCSD Buries Eclipse Capsule

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Natrona County School District members buried a time capsule on Monday which won't be opened for twenty-three years.

A variety of mementos were placed within the capsule to illustrate present day Natrona County.

The items included solar eclipse mementos, cell phones as well as other unique items to 2017.

A previous time capsule was buried in the ground in the nineties and recently surfaced in 2015.

The reason for the ceremony remains the same.

Shirley Mundor commented, “It's to encapsulate a very moment in time for people in the future. They'll have a good time looking at how things were, and they folks who are here today, it will be fund memories."

Mundorf helped with the first Time Capsule 25 years ago.

Over the past two years, Mundorf has dedicated her time to working with Natrona County School District members to bury this time capsule.

The next time this capsule will be opened, is in 2040.