A Look at NCSD Enrollment Figures

A decrease in student enrollment within the Natrona County School District continues a declining trend reflecting Wyoming’s economy.

Within the past three years, more than five hundred seats have become excess capacity at the elementary level.

Grant and North Casper Elementary schools, as well as the old Roosevelt High School closed last year after school district representatives shared a study in an effort to maintain higher quality services to students.

NCSD Human Resources Director Michael Jennings shared, “What we are looking for is there's something called the ten day enrollment count. There's also a 30 day enrollment count, a 90 day enrollment count. That's really where we first give the hard count of the number of students actually sitting in seats in schools."

Right now, approximately 970 empty seats cover occupied elementary schools according to the ten day enrollment count for this school year.

As a district, that's one hundred fewer students from this time last year.

The elementary level saw a decrease in enrollment of about 350 students since 2014.

Jennings said school district members aim to be cost efficient with all facilities so students can learn at a high level.