A Lifetime as Real Cowboys; 10 Honored in Hot Springs County

Central Wyoming celebrated its most famous cowboys Saturday.

A ceremony in Thermopolis honored the men and woman chosen for the Cowboy Hall of Fame; those people from Hot Springs County who spent a lifetime working as real cowboys.

The unveiling of a plaque happened at the White Horse Country store. People who are honored are not just rodeo cowboys, although rodeo cowboys can be considered.

The Chairman of the Hot Springs chapter of the Wyoming Cowboy Hall of Fame said nominees have to have spent a long time in the saddle, literally riding the range. His father, Frank Rhodes, was the first inductee in 2014.

Ross Rhodes said, in 2014. “You have to have been in the saddle for 45 years. Unless they are deceased, you don’t have to have that, because a lot of good cowboys pass away before then, but we’re really working at getting a lot of people inducted into the Cowboy Hall of Fame.”

The Hot Springs plaque includes eight cowboys and a husband a wife who were chosen by a local committee and the state board. The 2017 inductees were Nate Brown and Carl Dockery.