A Legend Lives Forever Through the Eyes of Art

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It's been over two years since his death, but the memories of Neil “Mick” McMurry still lives on through family, friends, and former colleagues.
The YMCA of Natrona County just got a renovation a few months ago. And today, they added a little more to help increase its looks, and honor the family who helped give them a boost.

"We were lucky. All the cards just fell into place,” said Brent Kleinjan, CEO of Casper Family YMCA. “This really is the vision of what this project is fixed in with its vision and the vision of what the YMCA tries to uphold."

Throughout his working adult life, McMurry helped give back to the community that he was born and raised in. The reason for this event came from the man himself.

"Inspiration came December 2014,” said Zak Pullen, a local Casper artist and illustrator. “Mickey asked if I would illustrate this Cowboy Ethics for children. He and I never got a chance to do it together. But after two years of hard work, the work we started is finally done.”

From the first revealing, to the last, McMurry's life was revealed in the ethics that he closely followed, and the audience got the chance to glance into the life of the Wyoming legend.

"We just want to encourage everyone who wants to see the paintings that they are welcome anytime,” said Kleinjan. “If they can't make it tonight, they are going to be up here for years to come."

With a few options of food, beverages, and some music, this art reveal was to help bring the community a little closer, and find new appreciation for the city of Casper.

"What that does is it perpetuates stories, and it keeps him (McMurry) fresh in everybody's minds. I think that's how we live. That's how you want to live,” said Pullen. “You want people to tell your story forever, as long as it's a good story."

And with the newest addition to the YMCA, McMurry will forever be etched in the minds of those taking in the history of Casper.

"I think he'd be proud,” Pullen added. “I feel like I worked well with him, and he would be really proud of what this has accomplished for everyone.”

For more information about Pullen, you can visit his website at zacharypullen.com