A Job Fair Offering Opportunities For New Careers

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For many, having a job to support our families is a necessity. But sometimes, plan "A" doesn't quite work out.

"Right now, we have granted funding available for low income parents,” started Paul Nash, Public Relations Manager of WCA Regional Training Center. “So if they're below a certain income guideline and have at least one dependent child and live in the state of Wyoming, most likely, they will qualify."

With a job fair held, opportunities become endless for anyone, whether they are looking for a new job, been displaced, or had their company go under.

"Any time we are working with Wyoming contractors association with the regional training center, we find that they always have excellent candidates with their programs," said Cheryl Howard, Director of Marketing for Community Health Centers of Central Wyoming.

Different career opportunities are available, with specific nationally accredited training programs.

"Maybe they're not happy where they are right now. Or maybe they're not making enough to try to get them where they need to go,” stated Nash. “So they can come in a training program like this. Each of our classes comes with a national certification, so it's not just recognized here in the state of Wyoming, but nationally as well."

But the first step to a new path in life starts with desire and determination.

"I really found the culture there was amazing. That's why I wanted to work there,” said Howard about her job. “When I was visiting with our CEO and he really explained the vision of where they are and what they do, it was an offer I just couldn't resist."

With hopes on future opportunities to reach out to the public, Regional Training Center staff want to create more job fairs to reach out to community members.

For more information about classes or enrollment, you can visit the WCA Regional Training Center website at wcartc.org or call at (307)237-4400.