A Day as a Doctor at Wyoming Medical Center

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Thursday was National Take Your Daughters and Sons to Work Day and many Wyoming business owners participated in this event.

News 13's Heath Bradberg joined a tour with kids visiting Wyoming Medical Center.

The learned a great deal about the medical field and some expressed interest in working in medicine.

A trip to the hospital isn't always fun, but for these kids, they had a chance to see what happens beyond the hospital room at Wyoming Medical Center.

Dr. A Hussieno at Wyoming Medical Center commented, "I was hoping that he would see how we work here at the hospital. How we take care of patients and how we work as a team."

Kids across the nation had a chance to explore their parents' work place a chance to understand what they do for their job.

Student Zane commented, “It's hard to work here when you have to go through a lot of school and it's kind of gross."

This year was Wyoming Medical staff's first year organizing a large tour of work that usually goes unnoticed.

WMC Public Relations representative Kristy Bleizeffer commented, “They had a lot of fun; there were a lot of smiles. They got to learn a lot, and we're really happy to be able to do this."

This father son duo were able to bond a little more after Zane learned what his father does for work.

"We learned about they clean utensils and how they do the cats-cans and x-rays."

Of course, the kids are always eager to have a field trip and have a day away from their desks.

Several kids had questions about the medical industry and they all went through the cleaning room with clean suits.

Kids also had a chance to see the helicopter on the roof and got to sit inside an ambulance.