A Community Working to Promote Youth Wellness

Promoting wellness among kids this year, the Boys and Girls Club of Central Wyoming represents the state in a nationwide partnership with the Centers for Disease Control.

Along with the Boys and Girls Club staff, members of 14 different organizations met Thursday to discuss ways our community can build and grow.

Not only did they look at programs currently offered, but they also looked into the future and what it might bring.

Wellness considers healthy eating, physical activity, along with social and emotional well-being.

There are many opportunities for children to learn the application of wellness in their everyday lives.

Boys and Girls Club of Central Wyoming representative Jessica Baxter told News 13, “We have partnerships where other organizations come in and provide programming for our students to help them learn social skills and coping skills and really to learn their social and emotional well-being and health. So lots of different ways clubs after school before school and during the summer."

Boys and Girls Club and other youth organization staff across Casper want parents to know they are here to support you in any way possible to help children create a wellness culture in their everyday lives.