A Casper Concrete Company is Being Accused of Poor Treatment by Former Employees

CASPER, Wyo. Former employees and clients of Full Contact Concrete complain about bad employee treatment.

These employees say the problems have gone on for years. This includes neglecting to give employees their final paycheck, threatening employees, and ignoring customer calls.

Former employee Joey Poole says this affects business owners who specialize in the same industry.

"Something needs to be done, because we have legit contractors here in this town that obey the rules and pay their people right. And that's the way work is supposed to be done." Said Poole.

Some clients have complained about incomplete work and problems not being fixed by the company.

This leads to trust issues between the community and other business owners.

The owner of another concrete company says communication between businesses and the community is important.

"Nobody's perfect. Everybody makes mistakes. But I think it's all about how you handle things at that point." Jeremy Panter said. "If there is a mistake, then we're the first ones back. Let's make this right."

Poole says while everything is still going on, he and others are hopeful for a good outcome and want others to avoid similar mistakes.