An Independence Day Blast from the Past at Fort Laramie

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People in ft. Laramie dressed up as if they were back in the 1800's to celebrate the Fourth of July.

News 13's Frances Lin attended the celebration and brought us the story.

Despite the hot weather, people joined in an annual, "Old-Fashioned" celebration of the fourth of July in Ft. Laramie.

The theme is 1876, which was the Centennial of our nation.

Chief of Interpretation at Ft. Laramie Eric Valencia commented, “For our noon salute we'll do a 38 gun salute, which actually is during the centennial, it's worth 38 states in the union."

Both adults and children said they had a lot of fun.

Ten year old Salem Allee commented, “I love it here, I like how you can go inside the buildings and see what it was like there."

CJ Parker told News 13, "My favorite activity is walking through the old houses, because they're very historic, and petting the horses."

A lot of people wore patriotic clothing and some even wore costumes.

Lillie Wrobel commented, “I really like this, it's really fun, to like get in the mode, and just pretend that you're real."

Another attendee, Maryssa Sweeney shared, “It's cool to like see how they were like living back then but really I just think it's cool."

The music also reminded visitors of the late 1800s.

"I feel really great to be able to participate in this annual event."

Eric also said if you plan on going next year, make sure to stay hydrated.