A Big Catch in Wyoming's 'International Fishery'

Fishing the Platte River is more than just a hobby; it brings lots of tourists to Casper.

News13's Bobby Poitevint strapped on his waders to learn how Wyoming Game and Fish biologists make sure fishing remains a town tourist attraction.

One fish, two fish, spotted fish and trout fish; that is just some of Thursday’s catch to help biologists with keep track of the North Platte River fish population.

Jeff Glaid, WGFD Fish Biologist shared, “We can compare the fish numbers of this year to previous estimates that have been done in the past just so we'll know how many fish are in the river and be able to guide our management practices from there.”

Biologists use a process called ‘electro fishing’.

The information they have learned so far, is a positive.

"It’s a pretty important part of our economy here in Casper which always makes it neat to know the numbers are still doing very well and that the river is healthy and doing good,” shared WGFD’s Janet Milek.

Staff continued to report fish numbers remain high which is good because Casper remains a big fishing community.

John Giantonio, from the Casper Sports Alliance commented, “Casper is very well recognized; the North Platte River is known around the nation as being one of the best fishing spots in the lower 48. As a result of that the economics of fishing here in Casper in 2015 had a total economic impact of about eighteen and a half million dollars."

Millions are spent right here in Natrona County on fishing.

However it's not just fishing that anglers are spending their money on.
"Somebody who comes into town they may stay overnight they may not regardless they're going to have to fill their gas tank, they're going to eat and they're going to spend some money."

Anglers are spending time and money in what some call: an international fishery.

According to a 2015 report, the total spent on fishing in Natrona County was over 18 million dollars.